Meet Dave Kemp - The Automotivator

The Automotive Sales Coach shares an incredible depth of knowledge and understanding of consumer buying behaviour.

In 1983, Dave Kemp pioneered Canadian-originated professional development and sales training for manufacturers, automobile dealers, sales managers, sales professionals and their companies. When he launched his groundbreaking Integrity and Value Based Professional Development, it established a new standard of professionalism in the industry.

Two decades and thousands of workshops across North America later, Dave continues to set the standard of professional development with innovative results-oriented training. He kick-starts people and encourages them to perform to their full potential in today's competitive marketplace.

With a contagious passion and enthusiastic commitment to his client's success, Dave is able to energize stagnate and lethargic showrooms by fuelling salespeople and having them fire on all cylinders. Salespeople leave his seminars with the knowledge, inspiration and confidence to take action - leading to an increased income and quality of life.

Dave's original research and course design have introduced many new valuable concepts into the sales process used in showrooms of dealerships across North America. His goal is to improve the car buying experience for customers - which is win-win-win for customers, staff and dealers.

He works with Manufacturers and Dealer Associations to create unique, custom-crafted keynotes and workshops for conventions and seminars. He delivers potent in-house automobile sales training workshops for dealers and his client list includes the best Manufacturers and Retail Dealers in North America.


Dave has strong credentials in the retail automotive industry as a successful Sales Person, Sales Manger and General Manager, Automobile Dealership Owner and Business Entrepreneur.

An automotive sales expert with a passion for this industry, Dave shares his incredible depth of knowledge with Sales Professionals, Managers and Dealership Owners to help them improve the buying experience for their customers and show them the road to improved profitability in showrooms across the Nation.