How to match your selling style to your customer's buying style.

Every successful marketer will tell you that the best way to sell to someone is to understand them and their needs. This program increases your sales consultant's knowledge of the Psychology of Car Buyers. They will learn how prospects buy and how they make decisions.

Those who take this course increase their ability to influence and persuade prospects to buy more comfortably and quickly. As a result, your customers will enjoy their buying experience more than shopping the competition. You will increase sales by creating chemistry with your customers rather than conflict.

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Course Information


  • Achieve increased sales and profit goals by selling more effectively with fewer hassles
  • Your sales professionals will be more equipped to sell better than competitors
  • Improve the buying experience for your customers for increased buyer loyalty and customer retention
  • Learn strengths and potential weakness in your sales presentations
  • Improve closing and negotiation skills to match each customer's buying style
  • Deal more effectively with "difficult" people, the 'price shopper' and 'aggressive' prospects
  • To increase rapport, reduce tensions, improve closing ratios
  • Develop a closing strategy appropriate to each prospect's buying style. Know what to stress, how much detail to provide, how quickly to close, how to reduce fear.
  • Improve follow-up and client retention skills and reduce sales call reluctance with prospects.
  • Create a climate that promotes Customer Satisfaction

Workshop Topics

More convincing and persuasive sales presentations

  • How to avoid the natural areas of tension between yourself and your prospect
  • Improve your interviewing and counselling skills to select the right vehicle
  • Advanced skills to fine tune your vehicle presentation to each client's needs and wants
  • How to use specific closing sales strategies for each prospect

Tune into the decision making process of each client

  • Discover how car buying decisions will be made by each prospect to improve your closing ratio
  • What your showroom prospects really "listen for" in a sales representative
  • What are they "motivated by and de-motivated" by in a sales presentation
  • What are their fears and concerns that underline their relationship with salespeople
  • What is their Individual behaviour under pressure and how to avoid it

Powerful closing and influence strategies

  • How to match your closing and negotiation style to your prospect's buying style to reduce pressure
  • How to pace your close to make more sales and succeed during negotiation
  • How to reduce sales call reluctance in salespeople to increase sales building activities between 'ups'
  • How to improve compatibility and long term relationships for repeat and referral business

Who Should Attend

  • Designed especially for professional automobile salespeople, Sales Managers, fleet and leasing personnel, business managers. This professional development workshop focuses on the specific skills, behaviours and attitudes that enhance your salesperson's ability to succeed more frequently without pressure.

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