Career Focused Selling

Develop the skills required for a successful and truly rewarding
long-term career in automotive sales.

To find success, automotive sales consultants have to do more than sell cars. They have to operate as a business within a business —- and develop career goals that contribute to the overall success of their dealership and their own quality of life.

Career Focused Selling is all about developing a strong professional foundation that leads to the long-term client relationships. Client relationships that are the difference between working in the automotive industry — and truly succeeding in the automotive sales industry.

After participating in an Automotivator sales training course, automotive sales consultants will do better — they will sell more cars, make more money and see results that are significantly better. They will feel better about the results they are able to achieve — building a successful career with repeat and refferal sales, increased customer satisfaction and an improved selling environment. They will come to work each day with a proactive attitude and a desire to succeed.

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Course Information


  • Self-empowerment - salespeople will take-on the responsibility required to be a true sales professional
  • Generate more sales from follow-up, repeat and referral business
  • Increase your closing ratio with high quality prospects
  • Establish a solid base of clients to get you through the lean times and provide a steady source of prospects
  • Reduce your dependency on floor traffic

Workshop Topics

  • Setting motivating personal goals that drive your sales
  • Practical daily sales action plans for achieving your sales goals
  • Increasing your sales — making follow-up work for you
  • Converting floor traffic to buyers and keeping those customers for life
  • Why people buy and what turns prospects into buyers
  • How to find the buyer in the crowd to increase sales action
  • Building a highly profitable repeat and referral business
  • Creating centres of influence for high quality hot prospects
  • How to become more persuasive and overcome buyer reluctance

Who Should Attend

  • New and Established Sales Consultants who would like to take their careers in their own hands to increase sales, job satisfaction and income.

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