Courses for Automobile Sales Professionals

Effective courses proven to help dealerships and professional car sales consultants reach their full sales potential.

Automotivator automotive sales training is based on tried and true sales and management methods that have been proven in showrooms across North America. Thousands of automotive sales consultants and dealerships across North America have benefited from developing the skills and knowledge required to acheive real success in the automotive sales industry — and after they've seen the positive results, dealers have us back.

While each course is based on practical Skill-Specific Coaching, every workshop is customized to meet the needs of each dealership and sales team. Based on information provided by a dealer questionaire and survey form, each workshop focuses on key issues affecting your own dealership and market while also incorporating the latest trends and conditions of the industry as a whole.

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Automotivator Seminars and Workshops

Custom Seminars and Workshops

Dave Kemp, the Automotive Sales Coach, also offers custom automotive sales training, workshops, seminars and keynote speeches.