Integrity and Value-Based Selling

Assisting people through the car buying process and improving the buying experience for your customers.

Today's automotive buyers are more informed and ready to make decisions than ever before — and more informed than most salespeople realize. Customers are looking for help when making buying decisions — not pressure.

Integrity selling is all about assisting people through the car buying process and improving the buying experience for your customers. This workshop focuses on the skills required for salespeople to guide people through the buying process and close more sales using integrity-based selling principles that work.

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  • Increased number of sales and leases
  • Improved customer relationships and higher customer satisfaction
  • Healthier, less confrontational working environment for sales team
  • Higher conversion ratios and sales to existing traffic

Workshop Topics

  • Three new ways to establish positive relationships from the beginning of the sale
  • Five major motivators that turn shoppers into buyers
  • New qualifying techniques for price and payment range
  • Vehicle presentation drives that increase sales dramatically
  • New insights into non-confrontational selling
  • How to create a 'buying climate' — putting the sale in sales presentation
  • How to get the commitment before the negotiation
  • Reducing stalls and objections before the offer
  • Encourage more genuine offers
  • How to avoid premature appraisals
  • Value-based price presentations that help clients make comfortable buying decisions
  • How to improve your selling ratio to walk-ins
  • Selling with a limtied selection of options, models and inventory

Who Should Attend

  • New and established Sales Consultants who would like to sharpen their sales and negotiation skills with value priced vehicles to lead to higher sales revenue and commissions
  • Sales Managers who coach their team through the sales and negotiation process and become involved in the closing process

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Integrity Selling

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