Leaders in Action: Fast Track to Success

New ideas on managing change for improved profit, staff morale and customer satisfaction.

Every department within a dealership is dependant on the others for its sustainability and growth. Every person's actions has an impact on others. That influence can be very powerful when managers understand the goals of their fellow team members.

To reach a dealership's full potential, it is important that all managers have this shared vision to guide their departments towards a common goal. This workshop employs lively group discussion and studies, which focus on working together to help your staff reach their full potential - and contribute to the success of the dealership as a whole.

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  • All department heads will develop a strong team relationship, with a focus on
    mutual respect
  • Develop the commitment and skills to increase profits for the dealership in all departments
  • Establish standards of performance for customer satisfaction for all departmental staff
  • Improve the sales results and earning power for staff through establishing priorities, delegating skills and promoting more effective sales management principles
  • Develop a more productive working environment for staff through improved understanding of human behaviour
  • Improve the attitude of employees in all departments with team building initiatives and minimizing areas of conflict

Workshop Topics

  • motivating people
  • improving attitudes
  • team work
  • time management
  • establishing priorities
  • delegating
  • problem solving
  • management style
  • goal setting
  • minimizing conflict
  • improving sales to traffic ratios
  • recruiting successful people

Who Should Attend

  • All management personnel, dealers, new car managers, business managers, used vehicle managers, leasing managers, administration managers, service managers, parts managers, body shop managers, assistant managers, shop foremen

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Leaders in action

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