Motivating the Motivators

The secrets of 21st century sales desk management that help you lead your team to their full potential.

Sales performance is directly related to your sales team — and your ability to motivate them. Designed for Sales Mangers, this workshop will fine-tune your sales coaching skills to help you lead your sales team towards mutual success and prosperity.

The best managers are always looking for ways to improve sales and get higher gross profits. By developing your management and coaching abilities, you will help your team make positive decisions and negotiate win-win outcomes — increasing dealer revenues, sales commissions and customer satisfaction.

Contact the Automotivator 1-800-668-0362 or email to see how the Automotive Sales Coach can help you manage and coach your team to achieve positive growth and commitment to a shared success.



  • Increased sales and dealer revenue
  • More sales from current traffic — make better use of advertising dollars
  • Increase CSI ratings and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Lower sales staff turnover and increased staff morale
  • Advances positive work attitude and environment

Workshop Topics

  • Create a 'coaching sales climate' at your sales desk
  • Discovering your natural style of leadership
  • Maintain profit margins on value-priced or low mark-up vehicles
  • The art of coaching and developing sales staff
  • Teaching salespeople to get the commitment before the negotiation
  • Overcoming the Fear of Closing by salespeople
  • Getting the Offer Written more often
  • The Art of Negotiating a "Win-Win" Sale or Lease
  • Integrity based Negotiating techniques with and without a trade
  • 10 ways to improve the written offer to purchase or lease
  • 5 Closing errors your sales consultants should avoid
  • How to recruit, interview and select successful salespeople

Who Should Attend

  • Veteran managers who want to develop sales training skills to build a stronger, more successful sales team
  • Newly appointed managers who want to increase their knowledge of closing techniques and negotiation skills that are unique to the automobile business
  • Experienced managers who want to brush up closing abilities and learn some new ideas on training sales people

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Motivating motivators

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