The Automotivator Seminar Series

Custom sales workshops and seminars designed to help automotive sales people and automobile dealerships get results.

Dave's custom seminars and workshops provide professional development opportunities that encompass the various roles within the retail automotive industry for those looking to establish a successful automotive sales career. His valuable insight and ability to teach and inspire can help strengthen and build a positive team environment that will be a catalyst for a common shared vision and success within your dealership.

Types of Automotivator Seminars and Workshops

  • Automotivator for Manufacturers
    Develop unique sales processes that enhance your brand image in the marketplace — sales processes that improve the customer buying experience and promote a positive customer relationship.
  • Automotivator for Dealerships
    Professional in-house training for your salespeople, managers and staff that lead to increase sales and revenue, improved customer relationships and buying experience, lower staff turnover and improved profitability.
  • Automotivator for Salespeople
    Attend a public seminar to learn proven sales techniques that help you develop a strong client base, increase your closing ratio, increase your income, increase your confidence, reduce stress in the workplace and improve your quality of life.
  • Automotivator for Dealer Conventions
    Add value to your event by providing highly motivating keynote speeches and interactive workshops.
  • Automotivator for Associations
    As a service to your members, offer skill specific workshops that increase the effectiveness and productivity of their sales and management staff.

Automotivator workshops can be specifically designed for:

  • Entry level and experienced automotive sales consultants
  • Dealership owners and general managers
  • New and used vehicle sales managers
  • Dealer association car shows (The Secrets of Working a Car Show)
  • Customer service excellence workshops for administrators and fixed operations

Call Dave today 1-800-668-0362 or email to explore how custom Automotivator automotive sales training can contribute to the success of your dealership, add value to an event or provide extra service to your dealer association.

In-House Sales Training Programs

As well as public seminars, Automotivator sales training is available for in-depth programs that use a total immersion approach, using techniques such as live action role playing, dynamic group discussions and one-on-one coaching. The content of these programs is developed based on each individual dealership's requirements.

Contact the Automotivator 1-800-668-0362 or email to see how the Automotive Sales Coach can help your dealership achieve positive sales growth.

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