The Art of the Sale

Advanced sales strategies and negotiation skills for long-term success as a Professional Automobile Salesperson.

One of the most precarious and feared moments for both the sales person and client is sitting at the sales desk to negotiate terms of a sale or lease — no more. In this results-oriented workshop, sales people will develop the tools they need to enter into negotiations with the confidence that they will have the ability to improve the buying experience for their customers and close the deal.

This rare opportunity is designed to help sales professionals boost their sales revenue with the latest principles and non-manipulative techniques of price negotiation with value priced cars. It will improve the sales performance of your sales team by increasing customer satisfaction and fostering customer loyalty.

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  • Increased sales profits and sales commissions
  • Increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Successfully negotiating 'no mark-up' and 'low mark-up' vehicles
  • Making lease and price negotiation a pleasant experience for your prospect
  • Salespeople will know when to close
  • Salespeople will know how to set-up an offer to be profitable

Workshop Topics

Integrity Methods for the True Professional

  • How to succeed with the price shopper
  • How to succeed with win-win agreements for you and your clients
  • Overcome stalls and objections before price and lease negotiation
  • How to get the commitment on the vehicle before you negotiate
  • How to prevent "buyer's remorse"
  • Encourage genuine buying offers

Advanced Level Negotiation Techniques for Value Priced Vehicles

  • How to maintain dealer gross and improve sales commissions
  • How to close deals on 'no mark-up' or 'low mark-up' vehicles
  • How to simplify price negotiations
  • New ways to negotiate successfully with payments, trades and cash difference
  • Learn the three Power Principles of Negotiation
  • New hassle-free Negotiation
  • How to handle price objections like the popular, "your price is just too high," and, "I can buy it for less at the competition"
  • How to succeed with price point sales vehicles

Offer Improvement Techniques

  • fresh ways to close a sale with or without a trade
  • How to change the basis of negotiation
  • Closing deals with persuasion not pressure
  • New integrity based sales principles that work


  • How to avoid premature appraisals
  • Reducing fear of the appraisal by the salesperson
  • How to introduce the ACV and keep the customer comfortable
  • Using the ACV to help you close deals - not lose them

Who Should Attend

  • Established Sales Consultants who would like to sharpen their negotiation skills with value priced vehicles to lead to higher sales revenue and commissions
  • Sales Managers who coach their team through the negotiation process and become involved in the closing process

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