Automotivator Professional Development and Sales Training

Sales strategies and skill development that will lead to more sales, increased customer satisfaction and profitable returns.

Dave Kemp, the Automotivator gets salespeople and dealerships firing on all cylinders. They will achieve greater sales success through use of professional sales concepts and practices developed through years of research and practice — from the sales floor. These are tried and true action steps that you can implement to effect positive change and proven sales performance results.

With Automotivator Sales Training your sales team will:

  • Succeed In Today's New Marketplace with:
    The Internet Savvy Buyers, Value pricing, low or no margin vehicles, consumers that are educated more than ever before — today's market is more challenging than ever before and your sales team will learn how to adapt and achieve greater success.
  • Capture More Sales from Existing Showroom Traffic.  Increase your sales teams closing ratio.
    Customer acquisition is costly. Salespeople who attend Automotivator sales training courses learn how to make the most of that traffic — without extra advertising investment.
  • Build a sales team that does not depend only on showroom walk-in trafffic. 
    To be a true success, a sales consultant has to build a strong customer base that will lead to highly profitable repeat and referral business.

Call Dave today 1-800-668-0362 or email to find out how you can improve your sales performance to make more money and improve the buying process for your clients.

The Automotive Sales Coach

Dave Kemp is the Automotivator. A car industry expert with decades of experience and success selling cars by building highly profitable customer relationships. He has managed a car dealership, been a sales manager,a salesperson and has shared his sales strategies with thousands of sales team members across North America.

The reviews are clear — automotive sales consultants and dealerships that use Automotivator training report immediate results and positive change in sales, customer relations and working attitude. These automotive industry specific courses have been a life changing force for many sales consultants in the automotive industry and a sales injection that revitalizes and rejuvenates the dealerships where they work.

Two decades and thousands of workshops across North America later, Dave Kemp has set the standard for professional development with innovative results-oriented training. He kick-starts people and encourages them to perform to their full potential in today's competitive marketplace.

Call Dave today 1-800-668-0362 or email if you would like to accelerate your sales using methods proven in dealerships across North America.

Automotivator Automotive Sales Training Features

  • On-site, interactive training programs with an automotive sales expert
  • Flexible programs customized to your training needs — not general off the shelf courses
  • Seminars feature skill-specific coaching throughfun and inoformative workshops that feature lively discussion groups and role-playing
  • Participants will quickly benefit from workshops designed to develop skills through proven teaching methods that provide immediate results
  • Real solutions — not theory. Sales consultants and managers will have the confidence to use their new skills immediately because the Automotivator delivers tools and processes that are working in dealerships across North America.
  • Each session is researched and based on the most up-to-date information that reflects the latest trends and realities in the automotive industry

Automotivator Seminars and Workshops

Custom Seminars and Workshops

Dave Kemp, the Automotive Sales Coach, also offers custom automotive sales training, workshops, seminars and keynote speeches.